Money vs. Love

Can money buy love?

I know it can ruin happiness.

Casio Edifice EF-546D-1A1V

Thanks to the GF for the watch! I LIKE!


So I'd been missing in action for like...months? Well, I am back now.

Time flies. I've graduated and started working as an engineer for nearly 4 months. Work is kinda challenging. Let just say its a mixture of politics and gangster. So is my work relaxing? Oh YESH! But it comes with emotional stresses that others won't understand. Furthermore, being the youngest in the company does give you some disadvantages. But its okay, I'm in it.

Picked up photography recently after I got my Canon EOS 550D. Fun, and still learning. Enjoy walking around Kuching alone and just take some random shoot. Somehow doing so makes me happy... weird huh! I remember there was once I just back-packing and walk around 3 Malays villages and took random shoots of life and houses of these people. It reminds me of how blessed I am. So the next time you feels like you were born unlucky, do come and look for me. I'll bring you for a walk.

Family has been good. No fighting, no quarreling. All of them has been very supporting towards my job and things I'm involved in. Only that...recently dad sold off his car. So we are left with four like it or not, mom is expecting me to get a car for myself. Been talking about it a lot to the gf, and she is complaining. Well, guess just the wrong person to talk to for this sorta things. Getting a car is a big commitment. Unless we are talking about a RM3000-used-old-kancil. Else, it will be like at least a 7 years commitment of monthly payment.

A lot of stuff playing in my mind now... brain gonna explode soon. Gah!

Something that I will get it back.

My Brain Went On Holiday

Something is not so right... my brain seems to be taking a break from me.

I just can't get it working. Why?

Isn't That Ironic?

It is just so funny how some people advice their girls to keep their option wide, don't just settle down too fast with one cause there might be a better guy out there. But at the same time, they will condemn and prevent their girls from dating guys that had dated a few girls before. May be those guys dated quite a few before because someone gave them the same advice, to keep their option open for the best? Isn't that ironic?

Some people told their girls not to be too committed in a relationship, but at the same time they want the guys to be totally committed to their girls. Isn't that ironic?

Consider this situation. Mary is in a relationship with Mark. One day Mary met Nelson and they started to get closer...and closer...and closer, and finally Mary dump Mark for Nelson.

Comments from third parties:
Alicia: "Oh great! Mary, you should had dump him for a long time! Oh my...isn't Nelson cute, you see his dimple when he smile!"

Brittany: "Ooh la la...Mary! From which club you met this guy? Oh my...see that Porche he ride on, that's totally  hot  hawt!"

Celine: "I know him! He is the son of my boss! Oh Mary, I am so happy for you. You know how rich is his family?"

Consider again if this was the situation. Mark is in a relationship with Mary. One day Mark met Natalie and they started to get closer...and closer...and closer. and finally Mark dump Mary for Natalie.

Comments from third parties:
Alicia: "Oh damn it! I told you! I told you Mark is a player!"

Brittany: "Uh...disgusting. Mark is such a jerk! I am sure he is just after her money...disgusting! Uh!"

Celine: "I know that girl, she is just another big boobs girl with no brain. Mary, trust me, Mark is such a perv, he is just after girl's body. Uh...what a jerk!"

Isn't that ironic???
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