What Makes a Successful Man?

What makes a successful man? Living in a triple-storey sea-view bungalow, driving a Mercedes-Benz S Class, holding the post of CEO for a multi-national company, clothed in Yves Saint Laurent suit and sign with a Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen? For some man, these are what they pursuing in their life. For others, it might be holding the presidency power of the States.

Since our ancestor year, man are forever pursuing three things: Money, Power and Sex. These are the thirst that will never be quench. Even if a man hold the power of Barrack Obama, having the wealth of Carlos Slim Helu and enjoying the sensual life of Hugh Hefner, he will never feel satisfied. It is certainly a good for a man to aim for a higher altitude and working towards it, but will he ever stop? Or will he just continue and climb throughout all his life?

I am certainly a guy that is after luxurious things. If you read my blog post before, you would had known the luxurious things that I own. I am in no way trying to boast about my self here, but I'm just trying to say that owning luxurious things might give me the joy for a few minutes, but it will just fade off, very quickly.

Since the age of 14, I've been put into the leadership or top management in things I got involved in. Holding power to rule over people that are under me, gets everything under my control rather than being controlled. But what do I gain from it? Polished management skills? Brushed leadership qualities? I think it turns me more into a thoughtless Hitler.

I use to be a guy that really long for power, like seriously. But life thought me a good lesson. In this 23++ years of my life, I am proud to say that I been through a lots of ups and downs. I know the feeling of being on top of the mountain, I also tasted the feeling of fell deep into the valley. The reason I named  this blog as such is because I've been put into uncountable crossroads in life since young and was forced to make decisions that will affects me and people around me. Without proper guidance, without experience, I made the wrong turn, a lot of it. No one know about it, not because of I manage to turn things back, but because I know how to cover it up. I get praises from people around me, saying that I have done a good job. But only me myself would know, if I really deserve the praises and credits. Some people envy what I owns, and the life I am living, or even the post I held. But only I myself know if I find happiness in all these.

After so many things happened in my life, I would say that all I want and I will pursue in my future, is a happy, close, intimate, loving and God fearing family. That is all I ask for. Of cause I'm looking for financial stability too, but that will not be my priority. Imagine a man keep on climbing and climbing, everyday work his ass off in the office and once he get back home, he will just want to be on bed and sleep. Another man who work and earn enough for living, and everyday he come back home, his little daughter will come open the door and welcome him back. A homey dinner waiting on the dining table, not to mention his favorite herbs chicken soup. After dinner he help to wash dishes and make some dessert for the family, longan drinks perhaps. His wife will sit in his arm and watch movie together, while the kids doing their homework and once in awhile come to him and ask "daddy, what is this?" and look at him with the most innocent eyes ever... Okay, back to reality. So which life do you want? To me, I would surely prefer the second. Oh ya, forgot that the whole family would pray together before he put the children to bed! =P

Money, Power and Sex can fulfill your lust, but nothing is more important than your family, your loves one. This is my definition of a successful man - a family man. That is what I want to be. I have a plan, a little one. I will work my ass off before I get married, cause that is the time I think I should climb the corporate staircase, to a level which is enough with a little excess. When I have that financial stability, then I will think about starting a family, with the right girl (I do not need to spend time to find one anymore cause God has blessed me with one!). What I will do is to maintain the financial stability, and do a little investment here and there, or even start a small business. Something that will not take up a lot of time, something that will earn you a little extra money.

You need a plan, if you want to succeed in life. Of cause, we can only plan and it is depends on God whether our plan is inline with what he want for us. Be sensitive to God, and observe the things He blessed you with, observe how He changed you, observe what experience He put you through. With this, added with prayer, I believe you can see the direction that He is putting you in. Do a little plan and submit it to God. This might sound a little stupid, but I started to calculate how much do I need to earn every month in order for me to live a relaxing life in the future. Of cause, a lot of revise version after that. Haha, but my point is that once you have a plan, you know what you want, you can start to go to the right path and achieve what is needed in order to reach your final goal. You can't like you want to propose to a girl tomorrow and now then you started to find that RM 18k to get the Cartier ring that she like right? Of cause, you can if you have a rich dad. But not everyone as blessed financially.

So you have a plan, what you should do next? Taking the very first step. The first step is always the hardest to take, But if you don't take it, your plan will be merely a day dreams. You do not need to start with something WOW... just be patient in pursuing what you want. Lets go back to the example on the financial stability. I know in order to have a warm family, I have to be financially stable. Cause money can be a big issue, you know it. So what I do, open a separate account and start saving. Do a little business online, and invest in some little businesses. Spend less on things that are unnecessary. Though my ang pow money from Chinese New Year can be use to buy more shades and watches, but I only have a pair of hands and a pair of eyes. So save the money up rather than spend it on unnecessary things. Besides, I'm trying to do well in my study and start building up my profile, because this will be definitely essential if you want to look for a good job.

Basically, that is it. I set my goal, I plan, I execute it. One day when I reached the goal that I set, having a happy, close, intimate, loving and God fearing family, then I will consider myself as a successful guy. So guys, know your life's goal and start working towards it!


Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Arthur Walters said...

This is exactly where I am at in my life. I could have not said what was written any better.

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